Abacus believes that combining both traditional and new approaches to value creation is the most effective means of providing superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors – that an underlying disciplined approach to investment selection, complimented by creative new approaches to value creation, is what sets our firm apart.

For example, Abacus has developed what it refers to as its “Target Fundamentals” screen, a proprietary set of eight attributes we believe strongly contribute to the success of a multifamily property. If a given investment opportunity does not exhibit at least five of these eight attributes, it will not be considered for acquisition. Our "Target Fundamentals" screen is just one example of our disciplined approach to investing. Other examples are:

  • Taking a demographic research-driven approach to market and submarket selection
  • Completing comprehensive, investment committee review of all potential acquisitions
  • Creating detailed, adaptive business plans with multiple exits
At Abacus, our entrepreneurial culture is constantly seeking new ways to add value to investments. For example, with our national footprint, we feel it impossible to be the best property manager in every single market. Consequently, we forego self-managing our properties and instead seek out the “best in class” manager in each market to ensure that we have the highest quality on-site team in a given market. We believe this approach creates greater accountability, reduces potential conflicts-of-interest, and allows us to take advantage of local vendor relationships. Other examples of our creative approach to value creation are:
  • Leveraging technology on-site to make on-site personnel more efficient administratively
  • Performing focus groups to identify and respond to changing renter preferences
  • Identifying unique cyber-marketing opportunities
  • Providing ancillary services and revenue streams which enhance both investor returns and resident amenities.