Abacus believes that there are opportunities in every market at a given time. Consequently, we never redline any market. However, we do have the following general preferences with regard to acquisitions:

  • Properties sized between 200-400 units. We will, however, look at smaller properties in the markets where we have a presence.
  • Properties located in primary and secondary markets
  • Properties in state capitals with strong educational infrastructures.
  • Properties that are located proximate to employment centers.
These guidelines represent general parameters. Please contact our acquisitions team directly to discuss potential acquisition opportunities.

      Acquisition and Dispositions Contact
      GREGORY LYDEN, Executive Vice President
      Abacus Capital Group, LLC
      420 Lexington Avenue
      Suite 2821
      New York, New York 10170

      Phone: 212-203-4962
      Fax: 815-366-7431

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